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Added a too-detailed but somewhat useful map

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......@@ -22,6 +22,10 @@ Basically articles that say "this is what you need to know to start"
- [The Ancient Art of Numerati - Guide to Data Mining](
- [The Complexity Trap: Think Before You Leap - Daniel Westheide]( - [Hacker News Discussion](
This is a pretty detailed map... This isn't simple. There's so many things available in the web sphere. Don't get overwhelmed. However,, check this out.
- [Developer Roadmap (Detailed (but not all-encompassing) list) - By Some Random Guy]( - [Hacker News Discussion]( - Read the Hacker News comments first before you look at the content
## How to Manage Developers
- [On Managing Developers - TechCrunch]( - Pretty lame and not very good article, but good enough for now
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